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The is a unique service provider for the customers; who are facing issues regarding civil work in their residential or industrial premises. It is a website for "ONLINE PURCHASE" which has wide range of cost-effective construction chemicals and solutions.

These products are made available online and will be delivered to your home or site, directly. You can either apply the products by yourself or alternatively you can also call our expert applicators to carry out the job at your place. This involves just a phone call away.

The services offers are as below

  • Supply of chemicals
  • Solutions for civil engineering problems
  • Giving guideline for the application of the products
  • Giving supports for carrying out the work through approved applicators of our company.

Company also provides WARRANTY for the work done with FAIRMATE products. Once the work is done properly, you will be satisfied and you can be assured of the application work done. These services are specially provided to enhance the customer satisfaction by way of proper usage of chemicals and making a TROUBLE FREE HOUSE.

Apart from repairing work of existing structures, FAIRMATE also gives the solution to your new house starting from foundation to finishing. Whenever a new house is being constructed you can use various FAIRMATE products which are easily available and also gives the guideline for the usage of these chemicals.

These services are being provided by a renowned business house known as FAIRMATE, expert in manufacturing of construction chemicals since last 3 decades. FAIRMATE is the only Indian Multinational company, having its offices and state-of-the-art plants in various parts of the world. FAIRMATE has come as a boon to all civil engineering applications with more than 400 products in our basket. FAIRMATE products have proved to be appropriate and best for strengthening and avoiding seepages. FAIRMATE products protect infrastructures from detoriating. Moreover, these chemicals provide total cost effective solution to all your problems. The construction chemicals are used in the constructions to strengthen the structures, increase their life and improve the quality of infrastructure. These chemical products act as a coat of protection against the environmental hazards. This also minimizes the consumption in quantity of cement, water and other materials that are used in such places and also helps in enhancing the speed of the construction work.

We have designed our software of with easy and simple steps enabling you to access and get the required information easily.

The Special benefits which are being given to our valued applicators as below

  • Our valued applicators can have a separate login id
  • They can order the material where they have immediate need, at sites.
  • A hassle free delivery of materials to your site.
  • Special offers are given to our applicators for buying the products.
  • Fairmate Authorized Applicators will get inquiries from the company for carrying out proper and successful application work.

So let us come together and provide a better and faster supports to the society.

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