• I stay in Mumbai. Water seepage is occurring from cracks in the external wall of my bedroom in second floor. How do I fill them and stop seepage?

    It needs to be determined, in the first place, why cracks have in the walls. A well designed and constructed structure should have no season to developed cracks. IF the cracks are large and there is some doubt about show the wall first to a local structural engineer to rule out any structural inadequacies. However if the cracks are small and there is no problem with structure and if consultant recommends using a flexible crack- filling compound then. CRACKSEAL can be used for filling the cracks. This is a ready to use, water based acrylic crack filler that seals the crack and stops further widening of cracks. Over painting is possible after 24 hours. Unlike cement that permits seepage. CRACKSEAL waterproof and is ideal for small cracks less than 10 mm width. Prior to application it is important to cut a ā€œVā€ groove along the cut for better results.
  • The wata in our terrace and chajjas has cracks leading to seepage. What is the cure?

    The wata in your terrace and chajjas, which have cracks need to be attended first. It is recommended to break the existing wata, remove all loose dust particles with the help of wire brush, water jet, etc. Apply a coat of FAIRCRETE SB (L) mixed with cement in the proportion of 1:1.5 on the surface covering sufficient area of slab and wall. Make new wata in 1:3 cement mortar adding FAIRCRETE SB(L) 10 to 15% by weight of cement & apply it when coat is tacky.
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